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How to Protect Your DJ Equipment

The life of a DJ looks glamorous and sometimes, it definitely can be. But aside from the free drinks and late night partying, it's important to remember that as a DJ, you are paid to do your job and to do it well. It's pretty difficult to have any success as a DJ if you don't invest in the right kit. From turntables to mixing equipment to powerful laptops, all of this DJ equipment can add up to thousands of dollars. And since your DJ kit is not just something you use, but something that enables you to make money, you need to take care of it. Here are a few pointers.

Elevate your equipment. When you're in the DJ booth, the last thing that you want to happen is for somebody to spill their drink all over your most prized possessions. But when people are passing you free drinks all night and you have drunk people clambering into the both, this can happen all too easily. The simple solution for this is gravity. Purchase some kind of stand so that your equipment is always elevated at a height and so that drinks won't get spilled on it. Just don't have a stand so high that you can't actually control the equipment.

Keep it clean. Technology and dirt are enemies. You don't want dust and bacteria accumulating in the small crevices of your mixing board, which is what will happen if you don't implement a cleaning regimen. Once the board is turned off, use an electronic cleaning spray to safely wipe down the surface. You should also purchase an air sprayer so that you can blow dust out of the mixing board in places with small crevices, such as around the buttons. Also be sure to wipe down wires because dust can be transferred from wires to the board.

Insure your DJ kit. Yep, DJ insurance is totally a thing. There are actually two types, and it's a good idea to have both, but for the sake of preserving your beloved equipment you need DJ property insurance. If any damage occurs during a gig or your equipment gets stolen, you'll be able to get it replaced so that you can work again in no time. The other type of insurance is DJ liability insurance. If someone gets hurt from a speaker falling from your booth in the crowd, the insurance will cover that type of thing, and it's worth the investment.